In the 1970’s the womens’ liberation movement was born. The quest for equality in society made women also yearn for freedom of expression in their clothing. The Europeans influenced American fashion with sexualized glamour, style icons Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Brigitte Bardot & Farrah Fawcett made miniskirts and platforms popular silhouettes that keep re-appearing on today’s modern catwalks.

Now with FLOGG, disco dancing can be so much more fun as retro classic shapes are made more comfortable with the flip flop EVA component, facilitating women’s agile and upwardly mobile status.

FLOGG is a revolutionary new category of footwear inspired by the laid back California lifestyle and invented for all women who want to feel good and look fantastic without sacrificing design.

Each pair is made with natural wood and genuine leather, handcrafted with care and attention to detail.

Vanity never felt and looked so good.

Utility Patent Pending Worldwide.

The Soul Behind The Brand

After years of designing for fashion and comfort brands alike, veteran shoe designer Carol de Leon took a moment to deeply think about what was truly needed in the market. Having the ability to design any imaginable shoe possible, her immediate need for a shoe that offered height with a cool comfort factor led to the invention of the latest shoe sensation, FLOGG. In flight, on a cocktail napkin, at the tail end of a research and design trip from Milan, she sketched what she imagined to be a hip shoe that she could dance in all night. With a chunky wood base construction, topped with a layer of EVA, the material your most comfortable flip flops are made of...and voila! A fantastic hybrid of two iconic types of footwear, a flip flop and a clog was born...FLOGG.

I think the time has come to redefine the meaning of comfort and fashion in the market and in society. Just because a shoe has benefits and is comfortable, doesn’t mean that beauty and fashion have to be compromised. A fashionable shoe doesn’t always have to be disposable, trendy and difficult to understand. It’s time that stereo types are broken. I believe that when a woman is comfortable, she will then be able to harness more energy to attain her goals. Whether it’s to successfully complete a business transaction, have an amazing girls night out, or simply to look drop dead gorgeous, FLOGG can be the foundation she needs.

I enjoy the enthusiastic feedback from my followers on social media which spans from an age group of 19-60. I constantly receive messages thanking me for the benefits of FLOGG, and I continuously promote, support and uplift the FLOGG customers with positive words encouraging women to unleash their hidden beauty, find their inner happiness, approach each day as an adventure and use the light they have within to achieve greatness.

The mother of invention is need so they say. FLOGG is the new hot item that satisfies your fashion whims at the same time that it addresses the most absolute need to feel confident, comfortable and carefree. Life is too short to look good and feel bad. Now vanity has never felt so good!

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